Al Jassimiya

Doha, Qatar


  • Al Jassimiya Tower is 44 stories high with an exceptional location along Doha's skyline.
  • The iconic Tower is designed with an oriental theme rich with different Arabic elements such as domes, wind catchers, and mashrabiyas.

The Challenge

  • Facade lighting must be used to accentuate the different architectural elements. Therefore direct view lighting was not the best solution.
  • Even though it is indirect, the facade lighting had to be strong enough because the tower can be seen from miles away.
  • The design works started after the facade of the tower was almost done. Installation locations and power availability were very limited.
  • Because the facade has a bright white finish, color mixing at the lighting source had to be exeptional.


  • A detailed animation was prepared to get client approval.
  • More than 150 RGB fixtures from Philips Color Kinetics were synchronized together to achieve the target.
  • Different fixture types and multiple beam angles were adapted to different situations giving a soft final touch that blends into the architecture.
  • Strong ColorReach Powercore was at the essence of lighting the big facade area. The powerful fixtures were distributed to avoid installations on every floor.
  • Several mockups were prepared specially for the building's largest dome. Eventually a clever combination of ColorBlast fixtures installed at specific locations was adopted to fully and uniformly light the domes.
  • The facade lighting system was designed to be easily operated with fixtures that can be individually controlled or in groups. Triggers for different lighting effects are delivered through the touch panel or the building management system.


  • Al Jassimiya Tower is an icon during the night as it is during the day. Standing under the tower at night allows the observer to note the beautiful architectural elements of the building.