GE LED Architectural Lighting

Architectural LED Lighting Systems:
Energy Efficient, Economical Lighting for Projects

Tetra® Contour

Tetra Contour is a flexible LED lighting system that provides the classic look of exposed neon. Designers can mix-n-match components to easily create customized looks. The flexible LED light engine is available in a wide variety of ANSI binned white color temperatures that can also be used on their own in a variety of indoor applications.

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Tetra® PowerGrid

Tetra PowerGrid is a modular LED system that replaces fluorescent in backlighting applications that require broad, uniform lighting. This unique LED system provides long life, energy efficiency and brilliant, uniform light across a variety of backlit applications.

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Tetra® miniMax

Tetra® miniMAX is the LED solution that is perfect for the smallest channel letters. Tetra® miniMAX features OptiLens™, a patented GE technology that maximizes LED performance by capturing otherwise wasted light and redirecting it towards the illuminated surface. The Tetra® miniMAX LED lighting system delivers a bright, uniform light across a large surface area, allowing sign builders to light their signs with less LEDs, reducing overall system costs.

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