Pinnacle Architectural Lighting

Pinnacle Architectural Lighting is a lighting manufacturer based in Denver, CO (USA), with a commitment to creative design, quality manufacturing, short lead-times and understanding of customer needs.

The company's specification grade products are suited for a broad range of applications with an integrated product line that allows designers to create multi-level lighting scenarios using various luminaires including:

  • Architectural round luminaires with seamless, low profile housings and fully luminous lenses that are designed to enhance contemporary interiors
  • Asymmetric wall wash products that create a seamless beam of light with exceptional optical control for uniform, shadow-free illumination from ceiling to the floor
  • Narrow aperture wall grazers that cast uniform beams of light across textured walls with ceiling to floor illumination.
  • Narrow lines of lighting for both individual and continuous configurations that wrap light up walls, across ceilings and around corners.
  • Architectural recessed fixtures that create soft, natural light with exceptionally high efficiencies and lumen outputs.
  • Versatile linear suspended fixtures with multiple shielding options and lens aesthetics.
Pinnacle Architectural Lighting